Commissioned Work

Whilst BigMouseLittleMouse specialise in Cabinet Making, Boat Fitting and Kitchen Fitting, we will undertake many different types of wood working jobs.

BigMouseLittleMouse offer a full and comprehensive Kitchen Fitting service. We will undertake Kitchen Fitting of any description (big or small) and complete your work with style and care. In the past we have produced numerous different types of projects, from Hi-Fi cabinets to producing bespoke picture frames for an influential, local artist

As well as boat fitting we offer a service producing hand made small personal water crafts. We also have the training and skills available to make coricles (traditional fabric covered craft, see below). We are one of the few people/companies in the country that still know how to produce this style of boat and feel honoured to be helping to keep this tradition, of thousands of years, alive.

We often run stalls at local craft fairs producing small wooden gifts and wood turned products. If you have any ideas for wooden gifts that you would like to commission us to manufacture please let us know.

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